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Tips on being better in swimming

If you want to improve your fitness in the water or out try to do thsese things:

*More carbs in the morning and no carbs before bed
*Resistance training will help you swim faster and better
*Diet without exercising will not work. You will loose muscle and might gain fat. Dieting   without strength training can leave you with a high body fat percentage. It's possible to   appear thin, but have a high percentage of body fat.
*Train your abs because that way your body will be able to work with your legs.
*Don't take a lot of supplements, if you take supplements like CREATINE be sure to take it once a day.
*Don't train everyday, unless you are a professional.
*Swimming is a form of cardio and you burn 400 calories every hour
*Drink plenty of water during a workout
Swimming Forum
I swim one hour every day and was wondering if that might reduce my chances of putting on lean mass.
First of swimming is a form of cardio and cardio does burn muscle if you do it too often. Unless you are an olympian, doing one hour of swimming everyday will effect you. If you try to swim less that might increase your chances of putting on lean muscle, only if you do resistance training
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